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Thank you all.

WebSafe Academy grew out of a very simple beginning—holding a talk at our daughter’s middle school about kids and devices. Our talk focused on how parents can be their child’s model and mentor while using their own devices. We also provided methods parents could employ to manage their kid’s devices. It was attended by a wonderful group of engaged parents.

From this our core mission was created, to help parents keep their kids safe online. This resonated with everyone we spoke to. However, it never materialized into a sustainable business. For this reason we have made the difficult decision to bring this journey to a close.

Before we go, we would like to thank some wonderful people we met along the way.

Thank you…

Kevin Chong
Stephanie Bien
Kent Toussaint
Dr. Dustin Weissman
Dr. Tracy Bennett

And thank you to the parents whom we have had the opportunity to assist.

We are grateful to have met, and to have worked, with each of you.

If you are a parent in need of help balancing your family’s screen time habits, we strongly encourage you to seek out professional help from our partners or other professionals who dedicate their lives to keeping families together.

Julius + Irene Lopez
WebSafe Academy