About Us

We built WebSafe Academy for the same reason you are here. Because we want our child to be safe online.

Helping parents. Plain and simple.

WebSafe Academy grew out of a very simple beginning. Our daughter’s middle school was looking for someone to speak to parents about kids and smart phones. Some wonderful parents showed up and had a ton of questions. We quickly realized how much people wanted help managing their family’s devices.

Our core mission remains steadfast, helping parents keep their kids safe online. We are fulfilling the mission by helping parents manage their family’s devices. Our services range from helping you lock down a single phone, to managing every device in your home.

We are parents too. And like you, we have our struggles balancing school time, family time, play time, and screen time. But we have the advantage of Julius’ background in IT managing hardware for BBC, Intuit, and UCLA. With WebSafe Academy, we bring our shared knowledge and experience to you.

Julius + Irene Lopez
WebSafe Academy