One to Ones for Seniors

by Apr 9, 2019

We have exciting news! We have just launched One to Ones for Seniors!

What are One to Ones for Seniors?

As a compliment to our One to Ones, we have launched One to Ones for Seniors to help older adults gain confidence using computers, mobile  and smart-home devices.

  • Learn how to avoid robocalls and email scams, install anti-virus and malware software, web filtering & more.
  • Get personalized help, in our office, in your home, or remotely using chat and screensharing.

Why One to Ones for Seniors?

In talking to law enforcement mental health professionals, and researchers, they have expressed concerns that older adults often fall prey to scams via emails and unsolicited phone calls. Technology is part of everyday life. The best approach to becoming a confident user is education.

We’re Here to Help!

With our One to Ones for Seniors, we can:

  • Walk you through simple actions that help you filter out bad websites, block access to malware infected sites, and software that blocks ad tracking.
  • Learn how to recognize email scams (phishing), prevent accidentally falling victim, and software that helps prevent them.
  • Learn how to recognize a robocall, block numbers, and install software to help identify spam callers.

Easy to Book and Convenient for You

We conduct the One to Ones for Seniors remotely, in our office or if you’re nearby, we also make house calls. Book a time directly on our online scheduler based on what works best for you. Or give us a call at 818-741-1131. We will be happy to make the booking over the phone. And if you need to reschedule, that is no problem. Book one today and gain more confidence online!

Visit our One to Ones for Seniors page today to see how we can Help the entire family stay safe online.

If you are the guardian of a child or teen and need help managing their screen time, we invite you to check out our traditional One to Ones. In these One to Ones, we provide instruction on screen management settings, parental controls, content filtering and more!

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