Internet Filtering Hardware

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Internet filtering hardware is a proven way to limit screen time, protect your family and your devices from harmful content and potential malware. It is an important line of defense to keep inappropriate content from reaching young eyes. In addition, it can help save your network and your devices from intrusion from spam and malware.

We have pulled together a couple of the top internet filtering devices with side by side comparisons of their features to help you decide which one may work for your family. Note that two of them also have parental controls as options for managing devices.

We invite you to review the information, visit the links and decide which will best suit your needs.

 FingboxCircle w/DisneyRouter Limits
Link for info/

Hardware Pricing$99.00$99.00$74.99
Mobile Device Managing
Mobile App operating
iOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Mobile Device Managing pricing$4.99/mo
30 day trial
Parental Controlslimited
Intruder/hacker alerts
Screen time limit
Content filtering
Website filtering
FingboxCircle with DisneyRouter Limits
Speed Test
Open Port Alert
Bandwith Monitoring
Blocking apps
Blocking content
Website monitoring
Monitoring usage
Ad Blocking
Other features/
age presetsYouTube
restricted mode

Link to purchase/
Feeling overwhelmed? We can help! We have a number of solutions for parents, schools and organizations to help kids stay safe online. Check out our Parental Controls Comparison page to discover and purchase a Parental Control app to limit the hours your child has access to their device. We also have a number of Internet Security Software Suites which can be installed on your devices to help prevent malware attacks, provide firewall security and filter content to help keep your family safe. If you need personalized assistance with home web filtering or content settings, head over to our One to Ones page and select one of our personalized consultations.