Internet Security Software Suites

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Internet security software suites provide a wide variety of tools such as web filtering, anti-virus, firewall protection which are a crucial line of defense to keep your family and your devices safe from hackers, inappropriate content and malware. This type of software is another important line of defense to keep inappropriate content from reaching those that it is not intended for. In addition, it can help save your network and your devices from intrusion from hackers, malware and ransomware.

A  couple of the top internet security suites and their features are provided to help you decide which may be the best to keep your family and devices secure. The features vary by manufacturer with some including screen time management and some including safe browsing for shopping and banking.

We invite you to review the information, visit the links and decide which will best suit your needs.

 BullguardESETKids WatchPanda Security
Link for info/

VersionPremium ProtectionHome Smart
Security Premium
Operating SystemsAndroid, Mac, WindowsAndroid, Mac, WindowsWindowsAndroid, Mac,
# of Devices10FourThreeThree
Free Trial30 day30 day30 dayOne month
Webcam Protection
Banking and Payment Browser
Password Manager
Identity Protection
Ransomware Protection
BullguardESETKids WatchPanda Security
Connected Device Scanning
Wi-fi protection
Screen Time Management
Content filtering
Website filtering
Data Encryption
Storage Media
Other features/
Chat monitoring,
predator watch,
Clean up Tool,
VPN (150 MB/day)

Link to purchase/

* Discounted rate of $39.98 available through links on this site. Regular cost is $99.95/year for Premium Protection. ** Discounted rate of $53.49 available through links on this site. Regular cost is $80.24/year for Panda Dome Complete.

Need help choosing the best solution for your family? We can help! We have a number of solutions for parents, schools and organizations to help kids stay safe online. Check out our Parental Controls Apps page to discover and purchase a Parental Control app to limit the hours your child has access to their device. We also have Internet Filtering Hardware options to keep your family and devices safe. Or if you need personalized assistance with home web filtering or content settings, head over to our One to Ones page and select one of our personalized consultations.