Windows 10 User Accounts

How to make yourself the Admin and everyone else, a Standard user.

Level: Beginner

This walk through will teach you how to:

Create an Admin account to manage the computer

Learn how to create the Admin account for computer management.


Make any user account a Standard account

Keep kids out of settings, prevent software installs, and keep malware at bay.

Test your Changes to ensure everything works as planned

Learn how a simple test can verify your changes work as you expect them to.

Why is this important?


Let’s say you just bought your child a new computer and, right out of the box set them up as the user by creating an account for them.

Did you know that when you set the computer up, the first account created is an Administrator account? It’s okay if you didn’t. It’s also okay if you don’t know what it means to have an Administrator account. That’s why we created this series.

This short video was created to help you understand what an Administrative account is, why only parents should have access to it, and how to create Standard accounts for you and everyone else to do daily work in.

Video Walk-through

Step 1

Create the Admin account

What you will learn

You will begin by creating an Admin account to use for computer management, performing updates, installing or deleting software, and most importantly, creating user accounts for everyone else who will use the computer.

Step 2

Downgrade exiting accounts

What you will learn

In this video you will be shown how to edit your families user accounts so they no longer have the ability to make changes to the computer. After successfully downgrading their access, they will only be able to make changes that only affect their accounts.

Step 3

Test your changes

What you will learn

This video demonstrates how you can confirm your changes are in effect by attempting to perform a software install using a standard user account. Here, failure is a success!